Glamour waves hair styles for Christmas

The ultimate festive hair style
The ultimate festive hair style

When the Christmas season starts, at Pierre and James we have to cope with every clients request to get the “most amazing” hairstyle for the festive parties. Festive outfits and hairstyles are part of the holidays whether you join a friendly get-together or a formal party. Even the family Christmas dinner calls for a festive appearance. Your hairstyle should be glamorous as well.

We always say that retro hair styles are a safe choice. During the 1940s and 1950s, Veronica Lake, Marlene Dietrich and Grace Kelly made large, well-defined curls the style of a generation. Now this Hollywood glamour style is back again! Stars and models once again wear the giant waves.

At Pierre and James, we believe the retro hairstyles are the perfect festive style – after all if it works for Dita Von Teese and Nigella Lawson, it can work for you!

Retro Hairstyles: Styling Tips from Pierre and James (before you phone the salon to book)
The hair colour should look uniform for retro styles with large curls. There are no streaks in retro style hairdos. Hair should be at least shoulder-length for this style.

You can select between various styles once we have created the giant glamour waves:

Slightly undone glamour waves give the look a modern touch. Simply use your fingers to tousle the perfect curls a little. Carefully brushing the glamour curls has the same effect. As a result, the hair looks less stiff and has more volume.

If your hair is long enough sweep it to the side and over one shoulder. This looks particularly glamorous.

Today, styling at home is easy and quick with the right styling tools and products which keep the hairstyle intact all the way through the celebrations. Once your hair-do is done at the salon, ask us for the best products to use (they will also make excellent stocking fillers for Christmas!)