Damaged hair is not a problem!

There is a solution for damaged hair.
There is a solution for damaged hair.

The rules of healthy hair tend to be a long list of depressing don’ts: Don’t wash it! Don’t crank up the blow-dryer! Never flatiron!
We make life hard for our hair: bad diets, stress, pollution, straighteners, bleaching… the hair is under attack every day!
The fibers become dull and rough, they break and the tips separate and form split ends… It’s not surprising that half of all women have problems with damaged or brittle hair!

At Pierre and James, we hear on a daily basis questions about “damages”…And we are asked questions on “how to” reverse damage, prevent future breakage, and return clients hair to it’s healthiest state.

We don’t shy away from answers and from our obligation as Hair Consultants to give the appropriate answers – our first and most simple answer is: Do not use cheap products – Do not use products made by unknown hair products manufacturers.

There are too many brands out there for us in a blog post to separate the good from the bad, so we will only concentrate on the very good…and the brand we always recommend to use is Phyto – a brand created by a French hairdresser: Patrick Ales.

A true visionary, Mr. Ales paved the way for botanical hair care long before the emergence of environmental awareness and “green” hair care trends. From 1968 and 1969, he released his first PHYTO products: Huile D’Alès, Phyto 7, Phytodéfrisant, and Phytopolléine. In 1969, Mr. Alès presented PHYTO to the public along with the opening of the Patrick Alès Salon in Paris, sill open today, where his clients such as screen siren Catherine Deneuve and former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, became the beneficiaries of his new botanical hair care line. With fervor and passion, he developed a range of highly concentrated, plant-based solutions to reveal air’s natural beauty. Phyto was born.

At Pierre and James we are advocates of the brand and for damaged hair, we recommend PHYTO.

It is the keratin in the hair that is damaged. Keratin is the raw material in the hair that makes it sturdy and malleable.
The more often the hair is exposed to aggression, the more the keratin is worn down, it is stripped away and water evaporates. Your hair becomes dry, it no longer shines, the cuticle opens and the hair ends up looking like straw!

When the hair is damaged, many women use a silicone-based product to give the illusion of healthy hair. However, the hair is no longer breathing and becomes fragile.

To restore health and shine to your locks, they need repairing with keratin. Unfortunately, the hair cannot repair itself!

PHYTO provides the answer: a unique precursor called PHYTOKERATINE: 100% botanical keratin products. PHYTO innovates by injecting botanical keratin into the deepest point of the hair fiber, and rebuilds the hair’s architecture as it.

Hyaluronic acid, with its remarkable ability to penetrate right inside the hair fiber, takes care of the hair’s water deficiency. After a few days of use, hair is rehydrated and more resistant. Healthy hair is restored!

Results from the PHYTOKERATINE range are surprising and positive. During a study conducted on 61 women, the program’s effectiveness was confirmed: 75% repairing effectiveness, 72% had more resistant hair.

After a few days of use, hair is rehydrated and more resistant. Healthy hair is restored! Next time you visit the salon, do not hesitate to ask us about our range of products. Alternatively you can shop all the Phyto products on our dedicated website PhytoShop.



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