Curly hair can be styled…everyday.

At Pierre and James we love curly hair.
At Pierre and James we love curly hair.

Curly hair can be difficult to style – it tends to be unruly in the morning, and in our Essex climate it is prone to frizz. However, if you use the right styling techniques, you can create smooth, glossy, gorgeous curls. The main request we have at Pierre and James is client saying they can’t re-style curly hair the way we do it: we say: It’s easy! Just a few products and some willpower, and you should be ready to go.

1. Use the right hair products. Curly hair can be prone to getting dry and frizzy, so it’s important to choose products that don’t cause damage. Using shampoo and conditioner made with natural ingredients is a good way to protect your hair from the damage that can be caused by chemicals like silicone and sulfates found in most commercially-manufactured products.
Some shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated for curly hair (we recommend Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Frizz Shampoo). It’s worth giving them a try to see if they help define your curls.
An Alterna Leave-in conditioner is a good option for curly hair, since it helps the curls stay smooth and moisturized throughout the day.

2.Don’t use hot water for your last rinse of your hair in the shower. Here’s the secret to taming your frizz: use the coldest water you can stand when you wash your hair. Hot water is hard on the hair shaft, while cold water causes the shaft to close, making curls look sleek and shiny when the hair is dry.
If you can’t bear the idea of taking a cold shower, try washing your hair in the sink instead of running the cold water over your entire body. When you’re in the shower, use a shower cap to protect your curls from the warmer water.

3.Let your hair air dry. The healthiest way to dry curls is to let them dry on their own time. When you get out of the shower, pat your hair dry with a soft towel. Don’t wring it out or rub it; this causes hair to become rough and frizzy.
Avoid using a hair dryer unless it’s a special occasion. On a daily basis, air drying is the better way to go, since it doesn’t damage your hair.
Curly hair can often take a very long time to dry, since it’s so thick and dense. If you don’t have the patience for air drying, use a hair dryer with a diffuser on the coolest setting.

4.Brush your hair after you take a shower. You don’t want to brush curly hair when dry because it will make your hair poof and frizz.
Wet or wash your hair in the morning to help the curls get back in shape. Use a moisturizing product (we recommend PHYTO 7 but we have a choice of other products and brands at the salon) to redefine the curls.

5.Add a curl defining product. Use more anti-frizz serum or specific product for defining curls to give your hair some gloss. Run the product through your hair with your fingers, being careful not to separate the curls too much.

6.Finish with a touch of hairspray. Use a medium-hold spray to keep your look in place throughout the day.

It is amazing with what a little bit of time and a few products (and a little help from us) can do for our curly haired clients.

If you have damaged curly hair or if you fancy a new style for your curls, call 01702 330 707 to take an appointment with one of our stylist.


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