why hair matters in our society?

Pierre and James care about hair!
At Pierre and James – Hair matter

When clients wait at Pierre and James, they often come up with odd subject of discussion. The latter one was from a male client voicing the fact he would save money if he did not have to come for a haircut…then he asked THE question: Why do we care about hair anyway?

Unlike other tissues of the body, scalp hair and body hair are not essential to our physical well-being. The loss of scalp hair by the physiologic process of balding (androgenetic alopecia) does not make us ill. The graying of hair by the physiologic process of aging does not induce any metabolic changes in our bodies.

Why, then, do we care so much when we lose hair by balding or lose hair color by aging…and why can we become so upset over hair cut too short or curly hair? I had an answer: We care because scalp hair isn’t just any tissue. It has special significance for us that is manifested in social, cultural and religious settings.

Great cultural and religious symbolism (i.e Sikhism) is attached to hair and its display in many societies. Carefully shaped and styled hair is essential to the well-groomed look that traditionally symbolizes trustworthiness and sincerity in the business or political world.

We don’t often think about the symbolic importance of scalp hair in our daily lives. Hair is, for most of us, a “fact of life”.

At Pierre and James, we see things differently and that is why for over 25 years we cared and still care for our client’s hair. Our stylists, our colorists, our wig specialists and our hair replacement team – all have one ethos – are here to make sure that our clients leave the salon feeling happier, more confident and willing to return to us.

Pierre and James offre free consultation on hair issues. Contact us on 01702 330 707. We also offer a Gift Voucher service for any occasion (not just Christmas).


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