The ways to change your hair style…

We know that when your hair doesn’t feel right, nothing seems to go well. Something tells you that it’s time for a major change.

Well, a good haircut or color can catapult you into celebrity status. Many of our clients trust us with haircuts and hairstyles we choose for them but for a few of our customers, the problem is “how to change hairstyles at home”?

Most of our stylists will give you the following tips:

Switch Your Part: If you always wear a center part? Flip your hair to the side like  for instant lift. If you always wear a side part? Try a center split for a more casual, bohemian feel.

Try a Faux Bob: Pull your hair together at the nape of the neck, tie with an elastic near the ends and tuck them under, pinning in place.

Clip-In Bangs: Bangs can be high-maintenance and the growing out period takes forever. But fringe — especially blunt bangs  can completely change up your look.

Add “WOW’ factor with Extensions: Add length or volume (or both!) by using temporary extensions (we have a nice selection at the Salon). The pieces attach just like a hairclip and are easy to add and remove. Just part hair where you want extra volume or length, tease, add hairspray and clip in.

Switch Your Curling Iron: Sick of the same ringlets every morning? Switch to a bigger or smaller sized curling rod for a completely different look. Use a large, 2-inch barrel to get Old Hollywood waves.

Spritz Volumizing Spray: Give hair instant volume and a soft, matte finish with a texturizing Phyto Volumizing spray.

Flip Hair with a Blow Dryer: Change up your everyday blowout by going retro with a flipped out style.

Try the Wet Look: Want to take a break from textured beach waves? Slick hair back for a chic evening. This style works particularly well on shorter cuts.

Tuck Hair Behind Your Ear: The easiest trick of all — tuck your hair behind your ear. It instantly opens up the face. Make an “X” with bobby pins in the back to keep your style in place.

Pull Hair Back: Whether you use a real headband or braid a piece of your hair , pulling your hair off your face keeps flyaways at bay and lets your beautiful features take center stage.

If all the the above is too much for you, feel free to phone the salon in Southend and/or make an appointment and we will be pleased to go through it all with you during your next cut.


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