The Kim Sears’s hair style – a trend for 2015!

Kim and her flowing hair style
Kim and her flowing hair style

Andy Murray’s partner managed to grab all the headlines lately for her foul language…and photos have shown her under every angles…bouncing and shaking her head in the most class fashionable manner. Indeed Kim’s hair style is faultless – Why? Because even when it’s flowing in the wind, Kim’s hair is a work of art and she looks like she just stepped out of a hair salon.

Her look is somewhat very simple: Kim’s honey-kissed hair just tumbles over her shoulder. It looks “styled” but not too “styled”… few women can have it this way; Obviously we all think “Kate Middleton” hair style but Kim Sear’s style is different, more natural and appropriate for a more active lifestyle.

Ar Pierre and James, we know that such a hair style is easy to achieve, plus we can advise you on the right products to get to maintain easily your hair style at home. So if you fancy looking like Kim Sears, give us a call and make an appointment at the Salon.


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