At Pierre and James we don’t forget men in their fifty shades of grey

Long gone are the days when men in their fifties were old blokes ashamed of becoming bald and who could not care less about hair style. Nowadays men in their fifties are much more keen on sports and exercise than their younger peers, They do enjoy keeping fit and let’s not forget that with the internet, many men  of that age are still active in online dating! Meaning? Men in their 50s – let’s call them “Grey Foxes” are more likely to take better care of their skin and hair, spend money on the right products and fight by all means the dreaded “baldness” curse.

At Pierre and James we are proud to help our male clientele to get the best results when it comes to hair style…and hair replacement solutions. Hence we have opened one of the most successful hair replacement clinic in Essex with Total Cover Plus.

The Total Cover Plus system is unique and revolutionary: it is undetectable and the latest in hair loss solutions. It consists of human hair that has been implanted into a micro-thin layer of artificial skin. We then gently bond this artificial skin with the implanted hair onto your scalp. The whole procedure is pain free, non-surgical and takes less than 2 hours. Plus it is indetectable! We can color match any shades of grey hair!

The Total Cover Plus hair system is designed to perfectly suit your life and not vice versa! You don’t have to change a single aspect of your daily life because the hair system adapts to you. You can be confident and relaxed, whether it be in the shower, at the gym, outdoors or in the bedroom. The hair system becomes one with you, it becomes your hair!

Here is what you can expect to happen in three steps:

1.Consultation: The first step is a no obligation consultation with one of our expert stylists. Here you can discuss what hair style you would like and ask any questions you might have before deciding whether to go ahead.

2.Application: In the second step we prepare your scalp by cleaning and trimming the bald or heavily thinning area and washing the remaining hair. We use special shampoos and conditioners to make sure that your scalp is perfectly clean and ready for the hair system. We then cut the AirActive Skin® hair system to your specific head size and shape before applying it to your scalp.

3.Styling: In this final step we blend the system into any remaining hair you have and cut and style your new hair as discussed in your consultation. Since we only use real human hair we can even tint the system or add highlights for you.

If you would like to know more about the Total Cover Plus hair system, see it first hand and explore your styling options before you make up your mind we recommend that you get in touch with us and make an appointment for a free consultation.