Madonna Surprises Us Again

At a ripe age of 56, Madonna has once again surprise the nation with a new look that most 40 year olds wouldn’t dream of doing. She has died the tips of her hair pink! Nope, not her armpit hair.


The colour change is sweeping Hollywood with Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Julianne Hough, Hilary Duff and January Jones sporting variations. And now Madonna has jumped on the bandwagon, we know it’ll spread like wildfire.


What do you think of Madonna’s new look? To try it out (whatever age you are!), call us at Pierre & James, we’re on 01702 330707.

Is it time for a cut?

At Pierre & James we know the secret to healthy hair is regular cuts – and we tell our clients this too. Not only will it refresh your look, but its gets rid of scraggly, dead ends. Here are a few telltale signs that’s its time to visit the hairdressers:

1. The ends are dry and split

Twist a small section of your hair to see if you have fried ends. When your ends are dead, your hair will tangle easy. It’s time for a trim!

Split end

2. There are more bad hair days than good

If you’re doing your usual hair regime and its just not having got same effect, you probably need a reshape.

Bad hair day

3. Your hair hasn’t changed since you were 16

Take the plunge and update your look, times change and so do hair styles!


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Blonde Cinsy

We are massive fans of Cinsy Tam’s blog, and was honoured when she visited us recently and then blogged about her experience!

Cinsy Tam

Cinsy decided to change her look completely going from her natural black colour to a gorgeous blonde. Our stylist Adrian had the pleasure of working on Cinsy’s locks, and advised to keep the length on her hair as it would look lighter and blend better with longer hair. Cinsy also loved the idea of the ombre look so she wouldn’t have the maintenance of tidying up her roots.


She said “It’s not often that I go to the hairdressers but every time I pay a visit to Pierre & James I always walk out feeling pampered, strutting down the high street feeling like the prettiest girl in the world! Along with providing a friendly and relaxed experience Pierre & James also offer hair extensions and hair styling services, beauty treatments and more”.


To read the full blog post by the lovely Cinsy, click here:

Great Lengths Extensions at a Cut Price!

From now until the end of June we are offering a HUGE 25% discount on Great Length hair extensions on half and full heads at Pierre & James.

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 15.51.07

Transform your look with the help of our highly skilled Great Length specialists – perfect for the summer season, to look fabulous on the beach, or maybe you want to create your own individual bohemian look. Celebs are big fans of Great Lengths Extensions too, some of which include Michelle Heaton and Kirtsy Porter from Hollyoaks.

Great Length Extensions

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