How do I make my hair swim proof?

Cause lets face it, no one wants frizzy hair.

With summer fast approaching, gym bods will be using the swimming pool to cool off as much as sweating it out while exercising on the treadmill, classes or lifting weights. And its not just the health conscious individuals that love to swim, its fun for everyone, including mums with their young’uns!

Chlorine is renowned for drying out our hair, so we’ve put together a few tips to help your mane while swimming:

  1. Wet your hair before jumping in the pool – your hair cuticle will absorb the fresh water allowing less room for chlorine water damage.
  1. Once you’ve had your swim, wash your hair with clarifying shampoo such as Phytoplage Rehydrating Shampoo Hair and Body £13.50. This delicate and creamy hair and body wash gently eliminates salt, sand and chlorine deposits. Hair regains its suppleness and shine.


  1. Use a rich, emollient conditioner after shampooing to counteract some of the drying after-effects of chlorine. Leave it in for a minimum of two minutes before you rinse out to ensure your hair locks in as much moisture as possible! We love PhytoBaume Hydration Conditioner £14.50


  1. Each week use a deep-conditioning treatment can give your hair an extra boost of moisture. Why not try Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask £24.50


To buy any of the above products visit Pierre & James based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. To book an appointment with any of the stylists, contact 01702 330707.


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