Are You Washing Your Hair Right?

Is your usual routine to get in the shower, shampoo twice, condition then get out? Here’s how to wash your hair the correct way to contribute to how healthy and good it looks…

Step One – Rinse!

The first step is a hot rinse to open up the cuticles ensuring you get rid of any trapped dirt or hair product. Rinsing with hot water will also help loosen the oils in the scalp, which opens the cuticles further in order for the oil in your conditioner to be absorbed better.

Step Two – for those with long hair!

If your hair is longer than shoulder length, we recommend applying a small amount of conditioner from roots to the ends and then lightly rinse. This helps to keep the ends as healthy as possible and will work to fill in any microscopic holes in the cuticles with much needed moisture. This will make your overall wash much smoother and shinier.

Step Three – Lather

When applying shampoo, only lather up on the scalp – as it is the top of the head which gets the greasiest over time. Leave the lather to fall to the dry and fragile ends to get maximum results all around.

Remember – be gentle

Wash your hair with lots of care and attention! You don’t want to cause breakage and unwanted frizz.

Do not rinse and repeat

Unless your hair is extremely greasy or is dirty because of a hard workout, you only need to shampoo once – despite what the majority of brands tell you. You should shampoo once to avoid stripping the hair and making it dry.

Step Four – Condition from mid-length to tip

You’ve already concentrated on the roots with the shampoo, so now its time to pamper the rest of your hair. The older, drier and more fragile parts of the hair are in need of the moisturizing properties of the conditioner. Conditioning roots will only make them greasier given the natural oils in that area.

Step Four – Complete with a cold rinse

The best way to finish off washing your hair is with a cold rinse, which will encourage your cuticles to shut tight – this in turn seals the outer layer and makes your hair super shiny!

Et voila!

Pierre & James salon is based in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. To book an appointment with any of the stylists, contact 01702 330707.


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