Our Top Ten Basic Curly Hair Care Tips

Many of our clients have beautiful curly hair, and we are sure lots of our blog readers do too.


Here are a few hair care tips for those with gorgeous curls, as those naturally blessed with ringlets know they are the prettiest of all hair textures, but the toughest to handle!


  1. Find a good hair stylist

Look no further! We at Pierre and James are experienced in handling all types of hair, including those with luscious curls! A good manageable haircut and styling makes life so much easier.


  1. Extra Conditioning and leave-in conditioner

Ends tend to be dry on curly hair, so ensure you always invest in extra conditioning products. Apply conditioner to the hair tips after every wash and if they are still dry after, use a leave-in conditioner.


  1. Don’t overwash

Don’t wash your hair more than twice a week as natural oils already fail to reach the hair strips, and the shampoo only further strips it of the existing moisture content.


  1. Hot Oil Massages

Mix in olive oil, castor oil and almond oil to coconut oil and warm it up. Massaging the scalp with this mixture an hour before your shower, once a week, provides that extra nutrition your curls need!


  1. Detangle

Always use a wide toothed comb with soft bristles for detangling the hair – only when wet or half wet. Detangling when dry will make it frizzy.


  1. Drying Hair

Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry. A little heat and static is enough to frizz up your hair to bad extents.


  1. Hot heat

Time to stop using straighteners, relaxing and rough combing your hair! If you really have to use heat, use a good heat protectant.


  1. Leave your curls alone!

The less you mess with your curls, the better. You don’t want to increase the frizz factor.


  1. Accessorize

Use some fab hair accessories to your advantage – bands, ties, ribbons, bandanas, bows, clips etc.


  1. Use cold water

Always wash your hair with cold water, as cold water makes your hair shiny and less frizzy too. When the weather is cold, wash your hair with luke warm water. Completely avoid hot water.

Curly hair

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