Keep your hair healthy this party season

And so it is December – already! Drinks, copious amounts of nibbles with plenty of partying and get togethers.


Keeping your hair healthy is super important during this time of year. Here are a few pointers to help get through the party season with beautiful hair:


  • Condition, condition, condition!
    • The cold winter air and breeze can cause the hair cuticle layer to lift, then going into the warm will remove the moisture. Once a week use an intensive conditioning mask to help hydrate your hair.



  • Snip those scraggly ends
    • We recommend cutting the damaged ends off your hair – you don’t need them, do you?! Go for a trim every three months, and if you haven’t done already, book in with us during December.



  • Go ‘au natural’
    • Give the heated equipment a break – straightening irons, hairdryer, curling tongs, etc. Wash your hair with shampoo, condition thoroughly, apply oil evenly when towel dry (we retail Amargan Professional Treatment Oil in the salon), brush through from tips to roots, then leave to dry naturally. If you really can’t leave your hair au natural, use the lowest setting on any styling equipment, use heat protection, and don’t use on soaking wet hair.


To book in with one of our stylists call 01702 330707.


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