Get Festival Ready

We’ve been super busy in the salon transforming hair for Ascot, Glastonbury, and other events. Here are some cool ideas of distinctive hairstyles that will set you apart on your favourite day of the year.


  1. Glitter me up!


Bring in your glitter and we’ll make you sparkle in the best possible way – braids included.


2. Top (knot) friend


Top knots are still winning! Throw in a few cute plaits and you’re double winning.


3. Hair rings


You’ve read it right! Bring in your hair rings and we’ll place them perfectly in your new festival ready hair.


4. Accessories


Beachy waves teamed with a cute headband accessory makes a great combination.


5. Unicorn hair


We can’t perform miracles, but we’ll be honest and tell you if unicorn hair is possible for you 🙂 doesn’t this look beautiful?


All images from Pinterest

Embrace those curls, girls!

One of our fave mags has some pics of women with fabulous curls to help us figure out what would suit us best.


Those who have naturally curly hair will be able to find some inspiration, and those of us  who have to use tongs or wands to create a curl can check out some great ideas here too. We love you Glamour!


See all 20 images here.

Rapunzel is real!

And she lives in Retford, East Midlands. Lianne Robinson, a full time mum, has beautiful blonde hair down to her KNEES. Woah.


She is regularly stopped in the street, especially by young children asking if she’s the real fairytale beauty Rapunzel, and has over 18,000 followers on her Instagram page – @Lianne22


Lianne said she goes through bottles and bottles of shampoo and conditioner each week. “It’s easiest to wash in the shower. It’s not too bad if I have to lay in the bath and do it.


“I just use shampoo and conditioner – I don’t blow-dry it, and I don’t straighten it often. I wash it every day.”


We’re super jealous of her hairdresser, although Lianne only has a trim every six months to keep her hair healthy and super long.


She can certainly use the hashtag #LongHairDontCare


Follow Lianne on Instagram by clicking here.